Barnes Jewish West County MRI #3

Fire Solutions was asked to re-work the existing fire sprinkler system to add a new MRI room as proposed by GC TW Constructors. A copper fire sprinkler system with white Viking MRI concealor heads was used in room MRI 3 Exam (Room #: WC-01-431). Black schedule 40 pipe with standard white Viking concealor heads were installed in all spaces outside of the MRI spaces. All existing piping outside of the areas the MRI Room remained in place as the new MRI was installed. BIM Coordination for the project was done by the FSI design team. The addition and modification of the arm-overs, drops and/or sprigs in the areas outside of the MRI Room were completed all during normal working hours. FSI obtained the necessary permits for the work. All design, material, fabrication and installation was done per NFPA 13 and FM Global.

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St. Louis, MO


Barnes Jewish Christian

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TW Constructors