Fire Solutions, as a certified minority business enterprise (MBE), fully understands and actively engages the community and all resources to provide a gateway of access to diverse construction employees and vendors and firms as a part of our daily operations. We work with our partners in numerous associations to engage small and disadvantaged business enterprise firms for our projects as well as to help them grow and develop. In addition, we partner with many resources in the community to engage hiring of diversity in our field crews through partnering with career development and education organizations to identify and provide gateways to individuals with the desire and proclivity for working in the industry. FSI actively engages and encourages our signatory unions to provide us with diverse employees to work on our projects as well as work with the unions to open their ranks to diverse workforce in the community. Our office staff is assembled of a team of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. With every addition we strive to provide opportunities to the most diverse and highly qualified candidates at every level of the organization. We strive to open the doors to the widest possible spectrum of employees that help to grow and strengthen our team through diversity of thought, background, education and culture. Through our differences, we develop a stronger organization affording every member a true seat at the table of the construction industry, the door is open for what they choose to make of what we provide. Fire Solutions is committed completely to the core of our organization to develop opportunities for success to the most diverse personnel possible.